• Address

    Basic address data available on the DirectScale platform

  • Custom Services

    These methods are unique to each client and are used to access custom APIs. Please contact DirectScale for specific information about how use use these end points.

  • Customers

    Provides methods for working with customer objects and data.

  • Echo

    Provides methods for testing the connectivity and authorization to the DirectScale services.

  • Office

    Resources and other tools often found in office applications.

  • Orders

    Provides methods for working with order processing and settings.

  • Products

    List stores, categories, and items configured in the Direct Scale Commission Engine.

  • RMAs

    Provides methods for working with RMAs.

  • Single Sign On

    Provides methods to allow users the ability to single sign on to the DirectScale web sites.

  • Utilities

    Provides a set of utility methods for controlling different aspects of the API.